FinIQ Wins the Prestigious SRP Best Platform Award for Structured Products Trading, across "Multi-Issuer and Single-Issuer" Category.

Financial Markets Platform

The Financial industry has undergone a major transformation in recent times. Client trading is becoming progressively electronic not only for FX, Funds, Bonds, Shares, but also for OTC Derivatives and Structured Products. Client apps, RM apps and Trader apps permit booking of both simple and complex products via click & trade workflow. Advisory, KYC, Documentation and overall client correspondence are becoming increasingly digital. Liquidity sourcing and trade execution with interbank counterparties, issuers, brokers and exchanges is now real-time, for all sizes and notionals. Distribution is becoming omni-channel, helping financial institutions launch all their products from all the channels.

Our User Base

Financial Institutions

  • Private banks
  • Wealth managers
  • Brokerage firms
  • External asset managers
  • Retail & commercial banks
  • Investment banks

User Groups

  • Direct end-clients
  • Relationship managers
  • Investment advisors
  • Product specialists
  • Sales desk
  • Structuring desk
  • Trading desk
  • Wealth operations
  • Wealth middle-office
  • Trading operations
  • Trading middle-office

Digital Wealth

FinIQ has been a specialist in distribution and digitalization technology since its inception. As early as 2003, in Singapore, the majority of banks started adapting FinIQ for their product distribution and sales order management. Today, using the FinIQ solution, 60 different financial institutions worldwide enjoy seamless trading & post-trade support for their FX, Investment and OTC products. FinIQ clients span over 30 countries and extend across all time zones. They are serviced by a 400 strong analyst, support and engineering team.

Sellside banks as well as internal product desks from buyside firms are able to streamline their product offerings using FinIQ's pricing and orchestration engines. They can reach both internal and external sales channels without having to rely on manual processes. Middle office and operations teams enjoy significant efficiency gains in compliance checks, trade processing, life cycle monitoring, corporate actions, accounting and reconciliation. Pricing of products is instant, powered either by a panel of market leading investment banks or using a combination of FinIQ math-models along with bank-proprietary models. This applies to products ranging from simple FX spot/forward and bonds to complex accumulators, target forwards, autocallables, credit linked notes, and much more.

The following three frameworks best describe the FinIQ solution


UCP, or User Configured Products, is a low-code/no-code toolkit that facilitates construction of a diverse range of financial instruments. Features ranging from the product schema, GUI input, cashflow models and redemption behaviour via FinIQ FinSPL language, to workflow rules, processing queues, audits, access permissions, documentation templates, GL accounting, risk management system STP and core banking settlements can be configured via UCP with almost no coding.

FinIQ Connect

FinIQ Connect is a suite of sellside to buyside real-time trading connectivity platforms, that are offered as SaaS or on-premise services. It covers FX, FX options, FX structures, cash equities, listed F&O, fixed income bonds, structured notes, OTC equity derivatives and mutual funds. FinIQ has pre-existing liquidity arrangement for pricing, dealing and post-trade connectivity with over 30 different product suppliers and venues.

FinIQ Gateway

FinIQ Gateway is an Angular framework based digital GUI. It is highly responsive and also comes with compatible mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Client KYC, portfolios, holdings, request for quotes, orders, exceptions, trades, payments, margin calls, suitability checks, documents generated, corporate action entitlements, P/L valuations, derivatives fixing results, business intelligence analytics and much more is made available here via highly interactive modern-day GUI.

Cross-Market & Cross-Asset

FinIQ has on multiple occasions won the best Multi-issuer/Multi-dealer platform in Asia. FinIQ's clients have also won the best FXD RM platform, and also the best structured product distribution platform in Europe and the Americas respectively.

FinIQ offers API connectivity across the entire ecosystem which comprises pre-existing relationships with 30+ partners, including the likes of Bloomberg, Refinitiv, ICE, Allfunds, BNY, Clearstream, Euroclear, Xignite, GS, MS, JPM, BNP, Citi, Nomura, BBVA and many other global names. Services offered include streaming FX prices, shares and bonds prices, market data, reference data, derivatives and structured product dealable quotes, order fills and allocations, documents exchange, post trade life cycle, corporate actions, holdings and holiday calendars.

List Of Financial Instruments Automated

Foreign Exchange

  • FX Spot
  • FX Forward
  • Forward-Forward
  • FX Swap
  • Non-deliverable Forward
  • Non-deliverable Swap
  • Time Option Forward
  • Flexible Forward
  • Precious Metal
  • Dual Currency Investment
  • Barrier Option DCI
  • Money Market Deposit
  • Vanilla Option
  • Barrier Option
  • Digital Option
  • Multi-leg Strategies
  • Accumulator Forward
  • Target Redemption Forward
  • FX Pivot
  • FX Option Strip

Securities & Investments

  • Direct Equity/Share
  • Exchange Traded Fund
  • Future
  • Listed Option
  • Reverse Convertible Note/ELN
  • Autocallable Notes/FCN
  • Bonus Enhanced Note
  • Participation Note
  • Accumulator
  • Decumulator
  • EQ OTC Option
  • Credit Linked Note
  • IR Linked Note
  • Mutual Fund/Unit Trust
  • Simple Bond
  • Callable Bond
  • Floating Rate Note
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • T-Bill
  • Certificate of Deposit