MarketConnect Suite

FinIQ MarketConnect Suite is a FIX-based network of 25 leading investment banks that contribute live prices to the FinIQ platform, which are then delivered to buy-side wealth managers to execute trades at best available pricing. Liquidity is available for EQ structured products (EQConnect), FX derivatives (FXDConnect), cash FX (eFXConnect), retail structured products (RSPConnect), bonds (FIConnect), shares (SharesConnect), and non-flow private banking structured products (SPConnect). FinIQ is soon launching MFConnect for funds.


21 leading investment banks supplying live and dealable quotes for diverse payoffs including ELN, KOELN, DRA, accumulator, decumulator, equity OTC options, BEN and Phoenix


4 leading investment banks supplying live and dealable quotes for retail equity linked investments including fixed coupon, double decker, snowball and bonus enhanced payoffs


Online order execution of simple bonds, callable, perpetual, CoCo, FRN, CD and many other fixed income securities via world’s largest supplier network including buyside, sellside and direct order workflows


Online order execution of cash equity securities via world’s largest exchange connecting platform


13 leading investment banks supplying live and dealable quoted for range of FX structures including vanilla, barriers, 3-leg strategies, accumulator, target redemption forward, Pivot and customized option strips


Request for Stream based quotes and online execution with leading market-makers for spot, forward, swap, forward-forward, non-deliverable forward and precious metals


Price discovery platform for ad-hoc structured products where the payoff behaviour is not standardised, moreover, the counterparty request and response formats are also not standardised, SPConnect helps configure both the payoff and its request and response formats giving electronic connectivity with a wide network of counterparties.

We also bring few unique features besides linking to market venues

  • The access can be given not only to a professional trader, but also to a retail wealth management RM or a private banker
  • Suitability, compliance procedures and credit checks can be embedded directly into the order capture workflow
  • Trades traded outside our network can be booked for centralised trade respository
  • Termsheets and confirmations can be auto-generated
  • Fixing, barrier and revaluation can be monitored online