User Configured Products

FinIQ UCP or User Configured Products is a LCNC (Low Code/No Code) toolkit that can help automate any trade capture and trade processing requirements for diverse use cases including insurance, deposits, forwards, derivatives, funds, shares, structures and more. The toolkit can be used to build various applications such as the following:

  • Trade capture application for conventional and structured products
  • Document templates for termsheets and confirmations
  • Relationship manager workbench presentation tool for trade and volume statistics
  • Client onboarding and KYC questionnaire workflow
  • Product comparison maker tool
  • Request and response workflow for seeking best price for multiple issuers
  • Graphs and charts for client scorecard
  • Regulatory compliance information assessment e.g. KID for PRIIPS
  • Monte Carlo based pricing module for basket linked autocall products
  • Pricing input capture and valuation based on third party supplied library functions
  • Schedule generation for recurring event products such as accumulators, swaps, TRF
  • Pitchbook design for daily recommendations
  • Life cycle watching rules for barrier and redemption products
  • Order pooling workflow for small retail trades aggregating into a single market hedge
  • Suitability rules to check product validation before a trade is captured
  • Design of information capture for insurance and mutual fund order forms