Case Studies

UK based global bank

The bank has a vast distribution base worldwide and is a major player in retail and private wealth. The bank wanted to increase the penetration rate for its OTC & structured products business and industrialize its DCI & bonds business. It opted for FinIQ Wealth and Treasury platform. Today, over 12,000 bankers sell DCI, Structured Notes, FX options, EQ OTC and Fixed Income securities using FinIQ's click and trade platform. Further, Suitability, Compliance, Best execution, Margin, Termsheet, Settlement entries, Holdings update are all centrally coordinated by the FinIQ Hub by linking into various subsystems. Thus, the bank has not only saved big time in per trade costs but has also made new products available to various sales channels that were previously limited only to dealers of financial markets.

Singapore based retail bank

A leading Singapore bank wanted a single uniform sales platform to wrap around its Murex risk management system. The bank chose FinIQ. The scope included automation of Cash FX for Enterprise Banking, Personal Banking, Private Banking and Commercial Business. It covered DCI, bonds and cash equity. FinIQ deployed its system in both the above modes. Certain units within the bank used FinIQ GUI while others used their proprietary front end to access FinIQ via FinIQ standard API. As a result, the product mix widened, the ability to price and execute became more real-time and double inputs avoided amongst other benefits.

European private bank

The bank wanted a single trade repository for all its structured products including support for post-trade events. Term sheets received from issuers and those sent to client needed to be automated and audited. Using FinIQ's UCP (User Configured Products) toolkit, the bank was able to construct 54 different payoffs within 9 months. Today, the middle office system of the bank is fed trades through FinIQ's another system, EQ Connect. It is a cloud-based multi issuer platform where order execution happens for various structured products. Besides the above two solutions, the bank uses FinIQ FX Derivatives multi-dealer API to drive its global wealth GUI. This API allows the bank to access FX options liquidity from a panel of 9 leading banks.

Asian private bank

Asia's fastest-growing private bank was looking for an open architecture solution for its wealth business and single dealer liquidity for its parent bank's consumer business. The bank deployed FinIQ system in the two units fulfilling both the objectives. Today, the private banking unit enjoys real-time execution with world's leading investment banks for its DCI, FX spot, forward, NDF, options, barriers, strategies, autocall, ELN, accumulators, bonus notes business; while the consumer relationship managers use FinIQ to sell bonds, DCI, structured notes, spot, forward using in-house liquidity. FinIQ middle office module helps the bank to monitor and process various post-trade events along with fully automated interfaces feeding the bank's core banking systems. Over a thousand relationship managers can today trade most market-linked products at a click of a button. Volumes have scaled up significantly, efficiency has improved in all areas, suitability and compliance have become easier amongst other gains.