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FinIQ FXDConnect goes live in Europe with Europe’s second largest private bank
Jun 2024, Geneva

FinIQ is pleased to announce its rollout at a top European private bank starting with their front office users in Geneva. The initial best execution panel will have 6 liquidity providers, two each from US, UK and France. The payoff list includes vanillas, strategies, barriers, TRF, pivot and accumulators.

FinIQ signs with a Japanese bank for Fixed Income, Mutual Funds and Global Equities
Apr 2024, Singapore

FinIQ signed a new client, a large Japanese bank to automate their investments and securities trading business. The scope also includes Lombard financing besides accounting, payments, order management, trade capture, fees computation, custodian interface, corporate actions and statement. The system will go live within 6 months. Financial products include global equities, fixed income and mutual funds.

FinIQ signs a new client for PMS (portfolio management system) in Singapore
Dec 2023, Dubai

A leading GCC bank has selected FinIQ as its main PMS platform, starting with implementation in their Singapore branch, which will next be followed by expansion into UK, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The functionality includes cross asset portfolio valuation, risk analytics, allocation and rebalancing, client onboarding, custodian, corporate action and also the order management workflows.

FinIQ Connect platform closes 2023 with 25 Asian and 13 European SP issuers, 16 FXD Liquidity Providers and a Global Single Issuer Platform
Dec 2023, London

FinIQ expanded its footprint both by adding more liquidity providers and by instruments offered, across Asia, Europe as well as Americas.

EQConnect in Asia reached 25 issuers, whereas EuroConnect now has 13 issuers. FXDConnect which is a platform for simple FX, options and structured FX derivatives reached 16 liquidity providers.

Three other extended offerings which are China Structured Deposits platform, Hong Kong Retail ELI platform and global Single Issuer ePricer platform also expanded at the same time. Post-trade functionality allowing issuers to publish documents and MTM to distributors in Asia as well as KID and termsheet sharing in Europe saw more adoption.

Private banks using their own GUI were supported by more detailed API, powering their respective Click&Trade in-house platforms.

Standalone SaaS modules such as Key Fact Sheet auto-generation, known as FinIQ Docgen and Life Cycle Analytics, known as FinIQ LCA was used by clients to handle massive volumes.

US Desk of a Major Bank goes live for Product Pricing, Execution & Booking
Dec 2023, New York

The US desk of a major bank has successfully launched live operations for product pricing, execution, and booking, specifically tailored for Equity Structured Products, using FinIQ Orchestrator. This versatile system connects seamlessly via REST API, Email, FIX, and GUI, offering prequote checks, Limit checks, Liquidity checks, and integration with the issuance, documentation, and booking systems. The platform is now being progressively configured to connect with all major multi-issuer aggregator platforms as well as various buyside distributors in the region.

GCC bank goes live with FinIQ mutual funds OMS including Allfunds STP
Sep 2023, Dubai

One of the largest banks in GCC region went live with FinIQ's mutual fund OMS module, powered by Allfunds connectivity. FinIQ API also helped the bank to create its own client self-service investment app, making it a truly digitalised sales journey.

FinIQ OMS/EMS API have helped banks around the world to create their own apps for FX spot/forwards, DCI, options, structured notes, complex OTC structures, fixed income bonds, ETF/cash equities and mutual funds. The API coverage also includes client holdings, leverage financing, corporate actions and custodian functionality for wealth and brokerage products as well as fixings, barriers, exercises for treasury and derivatives products.

FinIQ Brokerage retail app goes live for Indian equities trading
Jul 2023, Kolkata

FinIQ has launched its latest app with a renowned Indian brokerage firm, bringing seamless automation to client-initiated trading across various exchanges. The platform not only offers price discovery and order execution functionalities for shares, commodities, options, and futures, but also provides comprehensive advisory, portfolio management, and real-time P/L monitoring capabilities. Mutual funds are slated to be introduced in the near future. The app caters to all user preferences, being available on iOS, Android, and through web applications.

Another prominent Spanish bank adopts FinIQ's Structured Products Lifecycle Analytics Module
Jul 2023, Madrid

Continuing its success trajectory, FinIQ has marked a significant milestone by securing its second partnership in Spain, this time through the adoption of its structured products life cycle analytics module.

The engagement entails the seamless booking of tens of thousands of structured product trades, coupled with the intricate computation of their post-trade life cycle data. The module's reach spans across a diverse spectrum of payoffs originating from various asset classes.

The profound impact of this solution extends to hundreds of client servicing bankers spanning Europe, the United States, and Latin America. With this cutting-edge automation, these professionals are poised to elevate their client service capabilities. Empowered with the latest and most precise trade-related insights within their clients' portfolios, they can effectively deliver exceptional service.

Mashreq partnered with FinIQ to enhance client experience with an Integrated Wealth Management platform
Oct 2022, Dubai

Mashreq Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in the UAE, has signed a strategic agreement with FinIQ, the Singapore-based capital markets technology provider, to streamline its Wealth Management offering with an easy-to-use, single unified solution.

The FinIQ System has been implemented as Mashreq’s wealth management core system for investment products, replacing multiple legacy applications and providing customers with a simpler service to operate. Equities, funds, bonds, bills, CDs, notes were previously managed by a number of home-grown and vendor-supplied systems.

Used throughout the banking ecosystem, FinIQ's front, middle and back-office functionality offers order management workflow, compliance and suitability checks, and performs settlements and accounting entries. Additionally, the system generates all pre-and-post-trade documents, notifications and facilitates Lombard financing with automated LTV and margin calculations. Custodian links are automated for settlement of bonds, mutual funds and cash equities along with respective corporate actions.

Vipul Kapur, Head of Private Banking at Mashreq, says: "We are delighted to work with FinIQ who will provide their single unified solution as we continue to shape the future of financial services through convenience, innovation and trust, while delivering a seamless experience to customers."

"Mashreq's decision to consider FinIQ as a partner of choice in their digital endeavor brings us great pride, " says Milind Kulkarni, CEO of FinIQ. "The GCC and the Middle East as a region are top priorities for FinIQ where we are confident, we can replicate the success we have already enjoyed in the APAC region."

ENBD Selects FinIQ for Local Equities Trading
Oct 2022, Dubai

Emirates NBD has signed FinIQ for automation of its Local Equities Trading business. The FinIQ system will provide functionality for price discovery, order management, corporate actions and trade execution. It will power ENBD’s internally built digital apps and facilitate trading on the UAE based exchanges including ADX, DFM and NASDAQ Dubai.

ENBD is already using FinIQ's EQConnect structured products platform. Milind Kulkarni, CEO, FinIQ says, "We are proud to have GCC's leading name trusting us with its trading business automation."

FinIQ Automates Key Fact Sheet Generation for UBS
Jan 2022, Singapore

FinIQ has automated the generation of Key Fact Sheet (KFS) documents for four different asset classes for UBS. A total of over 100 payoffs from Foreign Exchange, Equity, Commodity, and Fixed Income asset classes are being configured as part of this initiative. FinIQ documentation module will cater to the online generation of these documents triggered via the bank’s existing order management systems.

Milind Kulkarni, FinIQ CEO comments, “This is yet another demonstration of FinIQ UCP (User Configured Products) toolkit use case and how quickly it helps in delivering complex products and workflows.”

“FinIQ’s SaaS-based UCP toolkit was instrumental in this project, where timeline and flexibility were of great essence.”, adds Kishore KV, UBS MD.

Major US Bank Selects FinIQ for its European Sell-side Business Automation Ranging from Pre-Trade to Post-Trade
Jan 2022, London

FinIQ today signed an agreement with the European desk of an American bank. The scope includes real time price discovery and order execution workflow integration with its leading Swiss wealth management counterpart, extending all the way to post trade life cycle management.

FinIQ Signs New FX Cash Client in Philippines
Jan 2022, Manila

FinIQ is pleased to update that it has a signed a new client in The Philippines. FinIQ has had its system used in The Philippines for many years, but it was always by branches of international banks. This is for the first time, the system will be used by a local bank in the country.

FinIQ Opens Year 2022 with a New Client in India
Jan 2022, Mumbai

FinIQ today signed a Fixed Income agreement with a renowned private sector bank in India. The software will be used by dealers, operations and bank's retail clients for their order management workflows. It also comes with APIs which will power the bank's cross-product mobile app. The system will go live in Q1 this year.

FinIQ Replicates its European success in Asia - Signs up a big name for Single Issuer Platform
Sep 2021, Hong Kong

A renowned international investment bank today signed for FinIQ single issuer platform. The platform will be used by various consumer banks in Hong Kong to distribute ELI (equity linked investments) issued by the IB.

FinIQ first launched its single issuer platform in Europe, to a Spanish bank that automated distribution of its structured products business in Europe and Latin America.

FinIQ's structured products solution covers payoffs and workflows of both private banking and consumer banking businesses. It helps both single dealer and multi dealer scenarios and supports FX and equity underlyings equally well.

FinIQ system is a low code platform where workflow orchestration and financial products are simply configured as against having to program them, which gives immense scalability and time to market to both sell-side and buy-side market players. FinIQ User Configured Products or UCP module is one of its kind toolkit that permits design and implementation of user screens, request response workflows, documentation, API links, email templates, user reports, roles and responsibilities, validation and enrichment rules, simulations and much more, all via configuration.

Two New Clients, Hang Seng and JMC go live on EQ Connect
May 2021, Hong Kong

FinIQ is pleased to announce successful go live of another two new clients on its EQ Connect structured products platform.

First one to go live was Hang Seng Bank, soon followed by JMC Capital. This brings FinIQ’s Hong Kong based EQ Connect client count to 15. Equity structured products platform executed order volumes reached USD 25 Billion in the first of quarter 2021, proving the scale the platform helps achieve.

FinIQ recently launched FX structures also via its cloud platform, which were earlier deployed only as on-premise offerings. Across FX and EQ, FinIQ today enjoys liquidity from 25 leading investment banks.

FinIQ Signs Bonds and Structured Investments Contract with a Malaysian Bank
Dec 2020, Kuala Lumpur

FinIQ closed year 2020 with a Bonds and Structured Investments distribution platform signing with a renowned Malaysian bank.

Sandeep Kulkarni, FinIQ's Malaysia country head sees this as a second wave of automation, "After DCI and FX implementations automating branch based product sales, we see banks now applying the same business model to Bonds and SI".

Second UAE Bank Signs for FinIQ Platform
Dec 2020, Dubai

After signing its first local bank earlier this year, FinIQ today signed its second client in UAE.

FinIQ is seeing an increasing demand for both its conventional products as well as structured product offerings in the GCC market. "Having banks like Mashreq and Emirates NBD as our clients is a big endorsement and we hope to see even more activity in the region once our Dubai office becomes operational in the new year", according to Milind Kulkarni, FinIQ CEO. He further adds, "structured products, bonds, funds, equities, FX, funds are available under one platform including direct electronic execution as well as custodian links, which makes it efficient to trade these products right from the price discovery and dealing process all the way to redemption and maturity. Banks can scale up their volumes, maintain costs low and improve their compliance with the platform."

LGT and FinIQ partner to boost automation in structured products and derivatives
Dec 2020, Singapore

Leichtenstein-based private bank LGT and software provider FinIQ have worked together to automate and streamline its structured products and derivatives business in Asia.

FinIQ and its EQ Connect platform offers connectivity to top market makes in the equity-linked space for products. LGT has subscribed to EQ Connect since 2018.

Furthermore, the collaboration is set to further automate pre-trade suitability and order process, trade booking as well as post-trade information flow. LGT aims to achieve seamless integration with the FinIQ EQ Connect platform and its core banking system from Avaloq.

In addition, FinIQ’s FXD platform offers connectivity to market makers in the FX-linked space for cash FX, options, strategies and also structured products.

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Union Bancaire Privée (UBP SA) Signed FinIQ Platform for EQD, FXD, Cash FX and Structured Products
Nov 2020, Singapore

Union Bancaire Privée became FinIQ's latest client. The bank signed the platform installation agreement to automate its price discovery and order execution business, which will allow its front line bankers to access to products and liquidity provided by world's leading investment banks.

Shodhan Shah, FinIQ's Director based in Singapore sees this as a major shift towards cross-asset platforms rather than asset class centric platforms. According to Shodhan, "having various equity structured product payoffs such as autocallables, reverse convertibles, range accruals, phoenix, bonus notes, equity OTC derivatives, FX accumulators, target redemptions, pivots, dual currency investments, FX vanilla and barrier options as well as FX spot/forwards all-in-one with one unified process flow is only possible in the FinIQ platform. We are proud to have such a prestigious private bank as our client. We see more and more wealth managers opting for our all-in-one offerings rather than relying on different platforms in silos for different instruments."

FinIQ Goes Live on First-ever Structured Deposits Platform in China Supported by Leading Investment Banks
Oct 2020, Shanghai

Structured Deposit, constructed using a combination of local funding and derivative leg pricing sourced from leading investment banks went live in China. FinIQ worked with an international distributor and four leading investment banks to offer this.

The system is accessed via multiple sales channel apps using FinIQ API. Online price discovery, document exchange, order taking, execution and various other supporting functions are all automated, cutting down the product issuance period significantly.

UOB Goes Live with Shares, Bonds, FX with Integrated OMS-EMS Platform
Aug 2020, Singapore

FinIQ Investment and Trading platform reached another milestone with UOB Singapore going live with its private and enterprise banking units for direct order workflow right from the sales channel, all the way to the marketplace.

FinIQ native platform and API were both deployed in allowing dual app access given to the users. Bank built its own sales app using the FinIQ API.

The solution links sales with the traders and traders with the marketplace in a seamless journey. The set of instruments included shares, bonds and foreign exchange.

Shodhan Shah, FinIQ's Director based in Singapore considers this as a significant milestone for three reasons, "Cash equities execution was done by FinIQ for the first time. FinIQ APIs were thoroughly used by the bank in building its own GUI. FX module caters to pricing and dealing needs of five different segments, all from one central system."

With this go live, FinIQ now has FIX protocol based order and connectivity platform live for 7 major asset classes, which are shares, bonds, FX, FXD, DCI, EQD and SP.

UOB's retail wealth unit also uses FinIQ for cross-asset trade repository, OMS and statement generation which enables 360 degree view for clients for their mutual funds, insurance, deposits, bonds, shares, CASA and structured investments holdings. This solution is deployed in UOB's Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand units.

Nomura and FinIQ work together in FinIQ's Market Connect Trading Platform
Jul 2020, Singapore

Hedge funds, private banks and other clients are increasingly seeking to trade FX options on platforms, driven by regulators’ requirements for investors to prove best execution and the growing depth and range of offerings available. From a client perspective, aggregator and multi-dealer platforms are an attractive proposition, offering convenience, transparency and the potential for lower costs; they make the processing of price requests significantly more straightforward.

In the past, many buy side clients relied on a handful of liquidity providers. The need to prove best execution has transformed how these users access FX option products. In order to comply with regulations, some users initially requested quotes electronically and simply captured a screenshot of the quotes in order to prove best execution. However, this process is cumbersome and fails to realise the full benefits of moving to electronic trading.

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FinIQ Signs UAE Bank to Replace their Swiss-made Wealth Core System
May 2020, Dubai

FinIQ is pleased to announce signing of a landmark deal in UAE. This will see replacement of bank's core Wealth Management Platform which was made by a renowned Swiss vendor.

Milind Kulkarni, FinIQ CEO sees this as a major gain both from regional presence and expansion of functionality, "order origination, price discovery, risk rating, termsheets, portfolio, holdings, valuation, returns, cashflow, corporate actions, collateral and accounting, the full journey will be automated, and for all asset classes including funds, bonds, shares and notes. FinIQ UCP (User Configured Products) toolkit plays a major role here with LCNC styled (low code/no code) deployment, where bulk of the work happens without any source code, which is achieved primarily by configuration."

BBVA goes live in Latin America and Europe with FinIQ's SPConnect cloud platform
May 2020, Madrid

FinIQ is pleased to announce its entry into the Latin American markets with BBVA ePricer launch which is powered by FinIQ SPConnect cloud platform. The platform will also get used in BBVA's European clients. FinIQ is already used in Europe for FX Derivatives, Fixed Income, Equity Linked Structured Notes for over 3 years. The BBVA partnership will have credit linked structured products in FinIQ for the first time.

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FinIQ SPConnect goes live with its first client, world's largest PB
Apr 2020, Hong Kong

FinIQ is pleased to announce that Asia's top distributor has gone live on FinIQ's newly offered cloud platform SPConnect. The SPConnect cloud platform is targeted at handling automation of flexible structured products payoffs complementing FinIQ's EQConnect cloud platform which was launched in 2014 as a realtime, auto-priced, FIX protocol-based aggregation platform for eight most popular highly liquid payoffs.

FinIQ's first SPConnect implementation aggregates diverse message formats of 18 different issuers which is achieved via zero coding and 100 percent configuration. Having started in November 2019, FinIQ's configuration team successfully completed a total of 64 payoff variations.

The Platfrom is region-agnostic and payoff-agnostic. It can house any of the worldwide payoffs. Distributors can get more and more issuers. Any issuer can be easily onboarded given the fact that the issuers need not have either FIX Engine or the Auto Pricer readily available before they are on-boarded. Multiple requests for quotes can be batched in one email dispatch with further flexibility given to the sell sides to reply progressively with one or multiple RFQs responded every few seconds or even minutes. The system tracks hundreds of these e-auctions with sophisticated filters, ranking rules to yield the top ranks in real time.

Milind Kulkarni, FinIQ CEO, considers this as the next wave of digitalization in financial product distribution. "Most complex payoffs, in most configurable fashion, implemented in record time, with majority of leading issuers, and for the most prestigious bank. This success has five magnificent achievements by a fifteen-member team, thanks to our UCP (User Configured Products) toolkit."

FinIQ closes 2019 with four new name clients in Q4
Dec 2019, Singapore

FinIQ closed the last quarter of 2019 on a strong note with four new-name clients, one each from UAE, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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FinIQ Implements Single Portfolio Holdings Module in Malaysia
Nov 2019, Kuala Lumpur

FinIQ is pleased to announce going live of its cross asset single portfolio platform in Malaysia. The scope covered consolidation of all client assets including mutual fund/unit trust, retail bond, insurance, CASA, dual currency investment, term deposit and non-principal guaranteed structured investment.

FinIQ Tokyo Conference with participation from 16 financial institutions
Nov 2019, Tokyo

FinIQ held a conference on Structured Products in Tokyo on 12th November, hosting 16 leading financial institutions including securities houses, buy-side and sell-side banks of Japan to discuss and synergize on the future of Structured Products market.

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FinIQ hosts MathFinance FX Derivatives Conference in Dubai
Nov 2019, Dubai

FinIQ, a leading name in financial products distribution space, in association with ACI FMA, hosted a conference with MathFinance on FX Options and Structured Products on 6th & 7th November at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre.

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FinIQ Structured Products platform expands into the UAE market
Oct 2019, Dubai

FinIQ's structured products automation platform EQConnect is now available in the UAE local market. One of the largest local bank is expected go live shortly.

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FinIQ expands into Japanese market with its 11th worldwide office
Sep 2019, Tokyo

FinIQ Consulting opened its 11th worldwide. The new office is located in the heart of Tokyo and will cater to the fintech needs of Japanese banks and securities companies.

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FinIQ's FXDConnect platform awarded as the best RM platform by Financial Times
Jun 2019, London

FinIQ's FXDConnect was awarded as the best relationship management tech initiative by Financial Times, UK. Standard Chartered Bank which rolled out this platform for its RMs worldwide was awarded it at the Wealth Tech Awards - 2019 event in London.

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FX derivatives landmark achieved by FinIQ with world's first ever multi-dealer RM platform going live for FX accumulators
Jan 2019, Singapore

A major international bank went live with FinIQ's FX Derivatives multi-dealer RM platform for FX multi-expiry structures. Vanilla, barrier and 3 leg strategies are already being used by FinIQ clients since 2014 with multi-dealer liquidity, but this is the first occasion that similar open architecture model has been deployed for complex FX structures.

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FinIQ opens 2019 with a new EQ Connect client
Jan 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

A Singapore based private banking unit of a leading Malaysian bank went live today with FinIQ EQ Connect. The system will help bank's relationship managers and execution desk with real time price discovery and order management for equity linked structured products. FinIQ operates its EQ Connect platform on a SaaS basis which makes it easy for banks to plug into the FinIQ network without having to invest in infrastructure.

FinIQ expands its Indonesia footprint with FI-Connect for retail bonds
Dec 2018, Jakarta

FinIQ FI-Connect platform goes live in Indonesia. This is FinIQ's second bonds client in the country. With this addition, the system empowers over 400 new relationship managers to price and directly book bond investment trades. The FinIQ FI-Connect platform supports all bond conventions, interest accrual rules and yield calculations for all commonly traded bonds.

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FinIQ Reaches 11 Liquidity Providers for FX Derivatives and 21 for Equity Linked Products
Oct 2018, Singapore

FinIQ announces expansion of its FX derivatives liquidity coverage under its FXD-Connect platform. The liquidity panel now available is very diverse and includes 3 each from UK and US, 4 from Europe and 1 from Singapore, with at least half of them offering liquidity not just for vanilla FX, but also for structured FX. Besides its derivatives coverage, for Cash FX, the platform supports RFS based execution with 5 top-tier banks.

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Major Asian Private Bank goes live with FinIQ multi-dealer distribution platform for structured FX
Oct 2018, Singapore

Over 500 bankers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and London will price and trade vanilla and structured FX derivatives using FinIQ FXD-Connect. The implementation lasted for around 5 months and more payoffs will be added over the next quarter.

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Tenth Branch Office Opened by FinIQ, Expands into Indonesia
Oct 2018, Jakarta

FinIQ has opened a new branch in Jakarta which will cater to growing demand for distribution platforms in Indonesia. The FinIQ System has been adapted by banks such as DBS, Standard Chartered, ANZ and CIMB Niaga since very long.The newly opened local office will strengthen the sales, implementation and support activities for existing as well as prospective clients. FinIQ will be offering an integrated branch order management platform for variety of products including Bonds, FX, DCI, Funds, Derivatives and Structured Products.

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Two Local Banks from Singapore Sign FinIQ FX Spot, Forwards License
June 2018, Singapore

FinIQ has secured two prestigious FX contracts with two local Singaporean banks. That immediately gives FinIQ two-third of the local FX market share in Singapore. FinIQ FX Cash module is in use since 2009 and caters to needs of all segments including corporate, commercial, private wealth and retail mass market.

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FinIQ Signs Up Another EQ Connect Deal with a Leading Swiss PB
Dec 2017, Hong Kong

FinIQ today signed a deal with another European major for its EQ Connect cloud service. The service will allow bank's relationship managers to access best execution price from a panel of leading investment banks. The system will be used at four financial centres and will include all major equity based payoffs. This was FinIQ’s fifth new client acquired in the past three months.

FinIQ Fixed Income distribution platform goes live with 700 bankers
Dec 2017, Singapore

FinIQ Fixed Income pricing and order management platform recently went live with a major international bank. 700 bankers from three major financial centres will use the system to transact variety of bonds.

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A leading European Private Bank confirms FinIQ subscription, becomes 9th FinIQ EQ Connect buyside client
Dec 2017, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to have its 9th buyside client on the FinIQ EQ Connect platform which is a cloud based SaaS service that connects buyside wealth managers and bankers to a panel of 15 leading sellside investment banks. The service automates price discovery for options, accumulators, decumulators, equity linked notes, basket linked fixed coupon and daily range accrual notes and bonus enhanced notes.

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Bank of China, Hong Kong selects FinIQ for Structured Products
Dec 2017, Hong Kong

Bank of China, Hong Kong has confirmed selection of FinIQ EQ Connect cloud platform to automate pricing and order workflows for its structured products business. BOC Hong Kong would be the 8th buyside on FinIQ EQ Connect, and second local HK bank on EQ Connect.

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FinIQ powered retail mobile app goes live for FX order watch
Oct 2017, Singapore

A large Singapore client has launched FinIQ powered retail mobile app to allow its client to place FX orders. The system also watches the order status, executes the orders once touched and notifies the mobile app user. 'This is a retail end-client distribution use case, which enhances our wealth distribution capabilities into an entirely new segment', comments Shodhan Shah, FinIQ's Director based in Singapore.

FinIQ signs with Wing Lung Bank for wealth management automation
Oct 2017, Hong Kong

FinIQ is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Wing Lung Bank to automate its wealth management businesses. The system will help improve pricing, execution and transaction processing efficiency for the bank’s wealth management investments and trading business.

FinIQ UCP Toolkit deployed to support cross asset repository including Mutual Fund and Insurance Investments
Sep 2017, Singapore

FinIQ has recently embarked upon an implementation project with a leading Singapore bank to automate trade repository and client statements across a variety of client segments. A range of retail and investment systems will feed into the FinIQ platform aggregating investments ranging from deposits, structures, current and savings accounts balances, mutual funds, shares, bonds and insurance investments.

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A North American buyside bank joins FinIQ EQ Connect platform
Sep 2017, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce signing of a leading North American private bank. FinIQ EQ Connect service will help the bank to automate its equity structured product price discovery and order workflow. The payoffs include reverse convertibles, worst-of basket, bonus enhanced notes, vanilla and barrier options, OTC accumulators and decumulators.

FinIQ goes live in Germany for FX Derivatives Multi Dealer‎ Service
Sep 2017, London

FinIQ ‎is pleased to announce that it went live with its FXD-Connect service in Germany. Mahesh Bulchandani, FinIQ's CEO for Europe Operations comments, 'FinIQ's best execution service FXD-Connect allows clients to access electronic liquidity from a large panel of investment banks. This is something that not only better the client pricing but also allows compliance.'

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FinIQ selected for global bonds distribution platform
Jun 2017, Singapore

FinIQ has clinched a coveted deal with a global financial institution, for supply of a fixed income bonds distribution platform for its global private and retail banking sites.

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FinIQ wins local corporate football league
Jun 2017, Pune

FinIQ has yet again illustrated its multi-disciplinary prowess by winning the local corporate football league in Pune, hosted by the Indian Soccer League club FC Pune City, and considered the most prominent corporate tournament in the region. According to Uday Oak, FinIQ’s COO, “FinIQ has time and again proved that its employees are exemplary not just in their work, but rather in all-round performances.”

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FinIQ EQ Connect supplier pool grows to 14 with new sell-side additions
Jun 2017, Singapore

FinIQ has been rapidly expanding on all fronts to become the leader in the Treasury, Investments, and Structured Products automation business. With an addition of five new liquidity providers to its EQ Connect platform, it has surpassed all of the other existing solutions in the market with its pool of 14 suppliers.

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FinIQ onboards four more FX derivatives liquidity providers making it nine
May 2017, Singapore

Continuing its splendid run of expansion, FinIQ has inked new deals to onboard four more FX derivatives liquidity providers on its platform, taking the total count to nine. This development puts the company at the forefront of the intense competition in the Financial Technology space.

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FinIQ fixed income branch-dealer order management signed by a leading Asian bank
Apr 2017, Singapore

A regional banking major from Singapore has signed an agreement to procure Fixed Income Branch-Dealer Order Management System from FinIQ. The platform allows for a seamless integration between the relationship managers and the Fixed income dealing desk automating requests for quote, yield and accrual computation, order capture, order fulfillment, deal allocation, trade inquiry, documentation and sales spread management.

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Breaching the mobile frontier for structured products
Mar 2017, Singapore

FinIQ and Deutsche Bank Wealth Management believe that by bringing to market the world’s first mobile app for structured products, the industry as a whole will benefit from greater transparency, better informed clients and more relevant portfolios.

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FinIQ upgrades four different clients on the same day
Dec 2016, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce the successful upgrade of four of its major clients, all on the same day. Each of the projects were executed over an average period of seven months and all went live as planned.

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RHB Banking Group Malaysia adapts FinIQ ‎for FX Spot aggregation
Dec 2016, Kuala Lumpur

RHB Bank, Malaysia went live with FinIQ's FX Spot aggregation engine which will see more streamlined foreign exchange position collection from various point of sales sources and electronic updates into the trading books. RHB is already live on the FinIQ Structured Products branch distribution module for few years.

FinIQ Introduces OTC Options on its EQ-Connect Multi-issuer Platforms
Jun 2016, Singapore

FinIQ has included Equity OTC options to its EQ-Connect platform. The platform currently supports OTC Accumulators/Decumalators, Basket DRA/FCN and ELN/KOELN. OTC Options will be initially supported by three leading market makers. FinIQ currently has 10 market makers acting as liquidity providers on its platform. FinIQ's EQ Connect platform has been selected by three leading wealth management institutions and two more are expected to follow the suit.

FinIQ signs third client for its Cross Asset Collateral module
Aug 2015, Hong Kong

FinIQ signed its third client for its ‎cross asset collateral module. The Hong Kong based bank will deploy the FinIQ system to monitor exposure from its treasury and capital markets business. Variety of cash, derivatives and structured trades are pooled from trading systems via online connections and batch imports to keep the exposures in sync with client's trading activities. Similarly saving accounts, term deposit, shares, bonds and notes balances are pooled to update the collateral balances.
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FinIQ supports 100% configurable option strategies including best price multi-dealer execution
Jun 2015, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce incorporation of fully configured FX option strategies in its FX trading platform. The new feature allows introduction of brand new strategies based on vanilla and exotic options with single or multiple expiries. The combination can be generically named such as Risk Reversal, Calendar Spread or brand-named as per bank's own choice.
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FinIQ adds cash equity trade processing client
Mar 2015, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce that it has signed it's first ever ‎cash equity client. A Singapore bank will use the system to book orders transacted on exchange worldwide. The system will automate trade verification, documentation, transfers and maintain both cash and share balances for bank's private wealth clients. Over 25 different corporate actions are supported by the system, improving entitlement processing efficiency. Client statements are comprehensive including variety of transactions including purchase, sale, dividend, bonus, transfer, exercise, etc.
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FinIQ works with Thomson Reuters to provide FinIQ EQ Connect Multi-Issuer Platform for Deutsche Asset &Wealth Management (Deutsche AWM)
Dec 2014, Singapore

FinIQ, a specialist software solution provider for the distribution and transaction processing of treasury and wealth management products, today announced it has launched the world's first multi-asset, multi-dealer connectivity platform for equity-linked and FX-linked structured products.
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FinIQ completes ten years in production with first three clients
Jun 2014, Singapore

FinIQ is proud to announce successful completion of ten years of live production usage with its first three clients. In the year 2003, as soon as FinIQ released its first version, it signed agreements with three leading banks in Singapore, all of which went live with FinIQ within a year.
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FinIQ's wealth management footprint expands in Hong Kong, adds 9th banking group
Jun 2014, Hong Kong

FinIQ announces that it has signed an agreement with another local bank in Hong Kong to implement the FinIQ wealth management solution. Terry Hung, FinIQ's regional head for Greater China adds, "This will be our 9th success in Hong Kong and 21st client site in the region, which covers China, Macao, Taiwan, The Philippines and Hong Kong. We are expecting to add at least 5 more new clients this year". The FinIQ system will improve pricing and processing efficiency of the bank's structured products business connecting relationship managers to the central dealing and operations teams via its electronic platform.
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Macau based bank to use FinIQ's Bonds and Equity Linked modules
Feb 2014, Macau

FinIQ is pleased to announce that Bank of China, Macau has licensed its Bonds and Equity Linked modules. These modules will help the bank scale up its fixed income, equity linked and structured products businesses by connecting its branch network with the central dealing and backoffice operations. FinIQ's platform will streamline price discovery, order management, order aggregation, allocation, settlements, documentation, accounting, coupons, fixing, reporting, and compliance, among other things.
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FinIQ signs three new contracts for automation of bonds, notes and options
Feb 2014, Singapore

FinIQ has signed three new license agreements in the Asia-Pacific region. With these agreements, two more banks have joined the growing list of wealth management players adopting the FinIQ distribution platform. The three initiatives will benefit almost a thousand bankers, who will see major productivity gains in their product distribution capability.
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FinIQ launches integrated suitability, liquidity, collateral, and fixing in a unified front-end
Jan 2014, Singapore

FinIQ has integrated its customer suitability checks, third party liquidity links, pricing models, collateral and limit checks, document generation, interbank hedges, post trade fixing events and payout rules into one front end. Based on roles and responsibilities of individual users, various entitlement profiles can be created. The entire offering is wrapped in a customizable workflow engine that allows approval and processing with complete audit trail.
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FinIQ Launches a brand-new Customer Suitability Module
Apr 2013, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce addition of a brand new Suitability module to its suite. In the past versions, suitability functionality was present but was closely linked with the underlying instruments. The new module is completely service-oriented and can be used not only by FinIQ platform but also by another third-party or in-house system.
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FinIQ adds more FX and Equity Option Liquidity Providers
Mar 2013, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce addition of more liquidity providers to its distribution platform. FinIQ was one of the earliest entrants in this market and has already been live with real-time trading links to two of the largest market makers for FX options.
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CIMB Bank Singapore goes live on FinIQ in record-time
Jun 19, 2012 , Singapore

FinIQ today announced that CIMB Bank, Singapore went live on the FinIQ distribution platform after a fast track implementation that took less than three months.
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FinIQ completes five major FX projects across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia &Indonesia
Feb 29, 2012 Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia

FinIQ is pleased to announce that three leading local banks in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia went live with FinIQ structured products solution recently.
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Local Indonesian bank goes live with FinIQ
Jan 27, 2012 Indonesia

FinIQ is pleased to announce that a large Indonesian bank has gone live with its FX linked structured products module. The implementation was done successfully within 3 months of kick-off.
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FinIQ's equity accumulator and notes module fully supports front, middle and backoffice features
Nov 29, 2011 Singapore

FinIQ releases most comprehensive, front to back Equity OTC and accumulator module in addition to equity linked investment products. FinIQ's unique payout rule engine allows its clients to launch variety of OTC and note products with payouts of their choice.
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AmBank signs FinIQ FX Cash & FX option Linked Structured Products
Nov 15, 2011 Kuala Lumpur

AmBank Group and FinIQ are pleased to announce that AmBank will be using the FinIQ e-Treasury platform to automate bank’s treasury and structured product distribution.
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FinIQ launches collateral & margining module for complex products
Oct 3, 2011 Singapore

FinIQ has launched a Bank-wide Collateral Management module, which provides distinct features catering to the most advanced financial instruments such as FX and equity accumulators and other multi-leg option strategies. The module is comprehensive in its handling of variety of banking and trading exposures including overdraft, loan, IRS, forwards, standby LC, bank guarantee, etc.
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G.K. Goh Financial Services to implement FinIQ Solution
Jun 29, 2011 Singapore

G. K. Goh Financial Services, the financial, commodities, metals and energy derivative brokerage and foreign exchange trading arm of G. K. Goh Holdings based in Singapore, has signed a deal to...
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Ta Chong Bank live with FinIQ’s Liquidity Link
Dec 6, 2010 Taipei

Ta Chong Bank in Taipei went live with FinIQ's Liquidity Link system at the end of November, to automate the liquidity-provision process in forex options.
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FinIQ Launches its new service Liquidity Link.
Nov 2010, Singapore

FinIQ is pleased to announce the first commercially live implementation of its new service Liquidity Link. In this implementation Liqudity Link connects a retail bank to one of the largest market makers in the options market.
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BOC International (BOCI) uses FinIQ Structured Products System to support its Private Wealth Management Business.
Oct 6, 2010 Hong Kong

FinIQ and BOCI will work closely together in phases to support Structured Products distribution covering structures based on a wide variety of asset classes as well as covering customer trades of FX Spot and Forwards.
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Bank of East Asia’s private banking unit selects FinIQ Structured Products Systems
Jul 5, 2010 Hong Kong

Following the successful implementation of FinIQ by its Treasury Markets Division to support its second generation structured products business, The Bank of East Asia ("BEA") has announced that it will extend the use of FinIQ to its private banking business.
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FinIQ signs first Malaysian Equity Linked Investments deal
May 2010, Kuala Lumpur

FinIQ today signed its first ever ELI client in Malaysia. The bank will use the platform to distribute and process various types of ELI instruments through its retail network.
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ANZ agree to implement FinIQ Structured Products System
May 10, 2010 Melbourne

FinIQ today announced that ANZ has chosen FinIQ as its trading and distribution platform for its FX structured products business. ANZ will become FinIQ’s first customer in Australia as the company expands beyond its Asian customer base.
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Ta Chong Bank, Taiwan to implement FinIQ’s Structured Products solution
Mar 30, 2010 Taiwan

Ta Chong Bank, Taiwan ["TCB"] and FinIQ are pleased to announce that TCB will implement FinIQ's Structured Products solution for managing TCB's currency linked investment products offered via its treasury and branch network.
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China Construction Bank (Asia) Selects FinIQ for Structured Products Distribution and Processing
Feb 25, 2010 Hong Kong

China Construction Bank (Asia) ["CCB (Asia)"] and FinIQ are pleased to announce an agreement to deploy the FinIQ System for managing the Structured Products business for the bank and its subsidiary, China Construction Bank (Asia) Finance ["CCB (Asia) Finance"]
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Bank of East Asia signs FinIQ
Sep 28, 2009 Hong Kong

Bank of East Asia (BEA) plans to go live with the FinIQ Structured Products System in Hong Kong by year-end, to augment its treasury business, say vendor officials.
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OCBC cashes in on Asian DCR growth
Sep 22, 2008 Singapore

OCBC Bank expects to see 20% growth in its dual currency returns (DCR) business in Singapore next year, following implementation of a structured deposit pricing and processing system from FinIQ, said bank officials.
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JP Morgan to offer structured products system
May 21, 2007 Singapore

JP Morgan plans to go live with a structured deposit pricing and processing system by mid-June, to automate the roll-out of dual currency investment products.
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StanChart extends use of FinIQ structured deposit system
Sep 4, 2006 Global

Standard Chartered (StanChart) is rolling out a structured deposit pricing and processing system for its currency-linked investments businesses globally.
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UOB Ltd., Singapore goes live with FinIQ Dual Currency Deposit System
Jan 14, 2004 Singapore

FinIQ Consulting Pte Ltd has implemented its FinIQ System at United Overseas Bank Limited, Singapore (UOB"). The system is being used by the Bank to streamline and more efficiently manage its dual currency deposit business.
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